Occupational Therapy


For Fun Alone or with a friend, indoors or out it is Quix Stix!

Quix Stix is the fun way to improve coordination, concentration, proprioception, and motor skills. Quix Stix play requires being fully present and mindful and because there are over 17 progressive trix there is no getting bored. From the simple Spin to “Off the Foot” Quix Stix enables anyone to play with them to improve their motor skills and mental acuity.


Quix Stix is ideal for rehabbing the shoulder, arms, hands, and elbows. Because Quix Stix are fun and a challenge, patients are apt to engage even more in targeted Quix Stix based exercises.

The basic Spin and Reversal of the Spin is an easy to learn instant gratification trix that fully engages the body and more specifically the shoulder, arm, and hands as well as the associated muscle groups. Even thought it is a simple trix it requires balance and focus.

Other progressive trix from the One-handed Swing and Flip to the Two-Handed flip fully engages the entire body.


Stephanie M. Foster, PhD, OTR/L, CYT500, a certified occupational therapist from Santa Maria, has won the 2023 NBCOT Impact Award recognizing occupational therapy practitioners who demonstrate exceptional professional commitment through their dedication, hard work, and outstanding skills to improve their clients’ overall life satisfaction and engagement in valued occupations. Foster received the NBCOT Impact Award for her work with over 3,000 families to help their children reach their greatest potential. She was nominated for the award by Margaret “Peg” Bledsoe. At her private practice, Kid’s Work Therapy (www.kidsworktherapy.com), Foster provides state-of-the-art pediatric occupational therapy to children with developmental delays and self-regulation difficulties like autism spectrum disorder and ADHD. She believes children progress when they are comfortable and having fun.


Quix Six was designed to encourage hand-eye coordination, sensory stimulation, and fine and gross motor activity. These are the direct benefits of Quix Stix play to those with Autism:

• Motor Skill Development
• Controlled Sensory Stimulation
• Improved Coordination and Balance
• Cognitive Stimulation
• Promotion of Communication and Social Interaction
• Reduction of Stress and Anxiety
• Body Awareness

Quix Six is a valuable activity for children with autism by providing a structured and beneficial activity at all levels of the child's development.


Use the code QSLove when ordering from www.quixstix.com to get a $10.00 discount. Each Quix Stix Set includes: 2 Quix Stix handling Stix, the Quix Stix baton with end cups, and introductory single sheet. We offer remote training sessions to therapists and coaches. For further information contact Michael Donohue at md@mdonoahue.net or call (310) 384-3537.