Q: What does a Quix Stix set consist of?

A: Quix Stix consists of a baton with specially designed end cups that catch onto the two stix or handles that come with each set. Each set has one baton with end cups and two stix or handles that are used to play Quix Stix


Q: Can Quix Stix be played alone or with someone else?

A: Quix Stix can be played alone of with another. Because there are two stix Quix Stix can be played between an individuals two hands or can be thrown to another.


Q: How many Quix Stix trix are there?

A: There are over 17  progressive trix and more being invented all the time.


Q:How long do Quix Stix last?

A: With proper care Quix Stix will last for years.


Q: Are Quix Stix dangerous?

A: Quix Stix are not dangerous as long as they are never used to strike or poke another person and there is at least 4 feet between Quix Stix players.


Q: Is there a proper way to care for Quix Stix

A: Quix Stix are heat sensitive so they cannot be kept in temperatures where there is radiant heat in excess of 90 degrees. Think inside cars during a hot summer day or on hot surfaces. So dot place heavy objects on the cups. If the cups get out of round simply invert them for 30 minutes or so and flip them back to their original shape.


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