The Quix Stix Ambassador Program

$ Have fun and make money the Quix Stix Way $ 

The Quix Stix Ambassador Program gives those who play Quix Stix an opportunity to generate income by simply playing, socializing, presenting, and training others on Quix Stix play. There are a variety of opportunities to earn money and have fun while doing it.     

The core foundation of Quix Stix is the intrinsic value of Quix Stix play in developing superior hand eye coordination and proprioception in any athlete regardless of their skill. Quix Stix improves proprioception, the all-important sixth sense. All athletes benefit from Quix Stix play regardless of their skill level, and the skills improvement is applicable to virtually all sports including basketball, baseball, water polo, volleyball, badminton, golf, La Cross, hockey, football, cricket, tennis and pickle ball, martial arts, motor sports, and even soccer (with off the foot trix).   

There are several revenue generating opportunities available to you once you perfect Quix Stix play:

- Sales to your team first: Fellow team athletes, trainers, and coaches will see the benefit of Quix Stix play immediately, and your team can buy them. You will earn $5.00 per unit sold and you can charge $20.00 to $40.00 an hour for ongoing teaching. You can conduct “in person” or remote training sessions using zoom to teach the first critical skills:

1. The one-handed swing (both hands)
2. The one-handed swing to flip (both hands)
3. Two handed play from one hand to another (both hands)
4. Two hands on one stix

- Sales to other teams: Because Quix Stix play is of such great benefit to all athletes you can present and sell them to other teams, trainers, and coaches on campus. You will earn $5.00 per unit on these sales and again you can charge for your time to train others

- Socializing and selling Quix Stix: Once others see you playing with Quix Stix some will want to buy them. You can provide a code to anyone and when they purchase a Quix Stix you will receive $5.00 and they will get $3.00 off the shipping.

- Social Media Sales Instagram/TikTok: When you post your play using social media channels like Instagram and Facebook and there is a click through to a sale on our site you will receive $5.00 from each sale made at the price given on our web site.             

Quix Stix gives you many ways to generate both excitement and money. We are delighted to work with athletes like you who can benefit from Quix Stix play while generating income.

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Please feel free to call Michael Donohue at 310-384-3537 or email me with questions.

Quix Stix is the gateway to superior hand eye coordination and proprioception!