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QUIX STIX is the fun, new hand-eye coordination game that can be played indoors or out, alone or with a friend. Our proven track record with schools speaks for itself; kids and teachers love the QUIX STIX and the games that can be played with them. Most important is the fact that QUIX STIX improves hand-eye coordination on a progressive basis in all who play with them.

QUIX STIX is pleased to announce our School Program Package which allows schools to purchase QUIX STIX at reduced prices for inventory in your school's classroom or P.E. departments. An integral part of the School Program Package involves the QUIX STIX being utilized as a fund raising device at your school's option.

The School Program Package consists of 36 QUIX STIX sets, a curriculum primer and an instructional video which teaches, as well as shows over 14 of the trix that can be performed with QUIX STIX.

The QUIX STIX School Program Package is a great way for your school to get acquainted with this dynamic hand-eye coordination game at an extremely favorable price. We know that QUIX STIX are of benefit to anyone who plays with them as QUIX STIX develops hand-eye coordination on a progressive basis.

Extensive research, both experiential, as well as clinical, testify to the fact that QUIX STIX improve motor skills, as well as reflex time markedly. This makes QUIX STIX a wonderful training device for kids all of whom need to improve reflexes and develop hand-eye coordination and improve their motor skills. QUIX STIX are fun to play and one of the only hand-eye coordination games that can be played alone or with another. QUIX STIX requires very little space to be played effectively and that makes them attractive to the geographical areas of our country where inclement weather prevail.


QUIX STIX is a unique fund raising opportunity and it is partly their challenge that makes them desirable to kids. QUIX STIX Fund Raising can be handled by your school with no help from QUIX STIX or with our assistance. The programs are as follows:

Unassisted Fund Raising

Purchase one QUIX STIX School Program Package for each school and involve an enthusiastic P.E. teacher(s) or coordinator(s) in the teaching process at school. The teacher(s) should be able to perform the basic trix depicted in the how-to animated flip books 1 & 2 and 3 & 4. Attaining this level of skill is not difficult, especially if the teacher(s) or coordinator(s) view the how-to video and practice. People with average coordination can perform these trixs within days of their initial introduction by practicing for 15 minutes per session, three times a day. Once these trixs can be performed by the teacher(s) or P.E. coordinators, the teaching can start with the kids.

The best time to teach QUIX STIX is during P.E. periods when the activity will not interfere with school class time and is complimentary to the P.E. period.

An area indoors or out of doors where kids can be evenly spaced about 5' to 6' apart is ideal. You will find that one P.E. coordinator can handle 30 kids, age 10 and under for thirty minutes or ages 11 and older, 60 students for 15-20 minutes.

You will find that by holding several QUIX STIX introductory classes that follow the curriculum primer on video use, introductory trixs, games and competitions that you will be able to generate enthusiasm and sales. The standard sell through sales ratio has traditionally been three out of five kids.

Sales Process

During the introductory classes, the students are made aware that the QUIX STIX will be made available for purchase after the introductory classes are completed. Flyers are sent home (see sample flyers) which enable the school to set money collection dates and get parental approval where applicable.

Fund Raising

QUIX STIX allows you to purchase the QUIX STIX in a fund raising drive for $10.00 per unit based upon C.O.D. delivery and freight to your school. This enables you to set a selling price to your students based upon their ability to pay, as well as the target monies you are hoping to raise. The list value of the product is between $14.95 - $19.95. Your school wins because it can raise between $5.00 - $10.00 per unit in the process. Multiply this amount times three-fifths of the students and you can derive the projected revenue which can be realistically expected.

The core of the Unassisted QUIX STIX Fund Raiser is the enthusiasm and promotion that the appointed coordinator generates with the students. By following the QUIX STIX Training Program, you will be able to realistically expect substantial results.

Assisted Fund Raising

QUIX STIX has an experienced QUIX STIX demonstration team that can assist you in you're fund raising. The Assisted Fund Raising Program features all of the same elements executed approximately the same way with the following exceptions: When 100 students have expressed an interest in purchasing QUIX STIX; contact QUIX STIX to schedule a demonstration/teach-in. QUIX STIX will dispatch a master to your school for one day of teaching and demonstration. Preferably an assembly can be called and the QUIX STIX master demonstrator can put on a show which will last approximately 30 minutes.

We provide the QUIX STIX master to you at our cost which is $175.00 per day plus travel expenses from the last school visited. This travel expense will not exceed $1500.00 anywhere in the continental United States. Travel expenses must be 50% paid for in advance of scheduled demonstration.


QUIX STIX's universal acceptance by schools has proven the general worth of QUIX STIX as a truly constructive, as well as fun hand-eye coordination game. We know that QUIX STIX are a great way to keep kids entertained while enhancing their motor skills. QUIX STIX is also an effective tool in the fight against obesity and finally QUIX STIX can also be used as an advanced training device for athletes.

The QUIX STIX Fund Raising programs provide your school with an ideal vehicle to raise money without the inertia often associated with older methods and without the cavities too from Candy sales.

The QUIX STIX Fund Raising Program gives you an opportunity to tap into the newness of this exciting game and make everybody a winner.

Please direct any questions to Quix Stix at 310-390-1161 or email us at www.quixstix.com.

Former Quix Stix Teaching Programs

QUIX STIX demonstrator representatives often appear at various local schools to teach the students the uses of QUIX STIX. We are now in our third year of going to various schools; we have had great success with students of all ages. Following is a list of the Fresno schools and parks presented with QUIX STIX.

1. State of California Diagnostic Center For The Handicapped

Diagnostic school for neurologically handicapped children; 1818 West Ashlan Avenue, Fresno, California - Cathy. The QUIX STIX demonstrator representatives taught approximately 20 students the use of QUIX STIX, along with the teachers. 70% of the students worked with learning the basic uses of QUIX STIX. Fun Industries (dba QUIX STIX) donated to the school 6 QUIX STIX for future use in their hand and eye coordination programs. The center also purchased an additional 20 sets of QUIX STIX at a special discount rate.

2. Clovis Unified School District

"PACE" Summer Camp Program; 5545 East Herndon Avenue, Clovis, California - Mr. Bill Nixon. The QUIX STIX demonstrator representatives taught approximately 700 students the use of QUIX STIX. 85% learned the basic play of QUIX STIX and 50% learned more advanced tricks with QUIX STIX. Program was a success.

3. Visalia Parks And Recreation

Leisure services summer day camp program. Visalia, California - Missy Cohn or Liz, Program Director. The QUIX STIX demonstrator representatives instructed two summer camp programs on the use of QUIX STIX. Approximately 300 students with an 85% to 90% success on teaching QUIX STIX basic play uses. Approximately 50% learned more advanced tricks.

4. Fresno Unified School District

Tulare and M Street, Fresno, California - Willine Dunn, P.E. Coordinator. QUIX STIX was given an O.K. from the P.E. Coordinator, Willine Dunn. She gave a list of schools that she wanted to try the demonstration program by the QUIX STIX demonstrator representatives.

Lake Grove Elementary School

303 Southwest 308th, Federal Way, WA 98023 941-1250

To Quix Stix

Dear Sir:

The Quix Stix instructional program conducted by your company in the spring of 1984 was commendable. You and the young men you brought with you did a very good job of working with the students at Lake Grove Elementary. It was very enjoyable for the staff and me to watch the development of hand and eye coordination of the students as they grew in their ability with the Stix.


J. L. Linker Principal


Sample QUIX STIX Take Home Flyer.

Nautilus Elementary School Quix Stix Program Annoucement

Dear Parent:

Nautilus is being used as a pilot school for a new educational hand eye coordination game called QUIX STIX!

This game is excellent in helping to develop eye-hand coordination and concentration and it is also lots of fun! There are over 14 progressive trix that you can play either alone or with a friend.

The Nautilus PTA has purchased 35 sets to be used in P.E. classes.

The manufacturer has agreed to sell QUIX STIX sets to Nautilus students for $14.95 a set. QUIX STIX will not be marketed and sold in our area in the foreseeable future and is currently not available in stores.

Every Quix Stix comes with a single sheet and an animated flip book that teaches the first two trixs as well as unlimited access to the Quix Stix website at www.quixstix.com where over 14 trixs can be viewed or downloaded.

If you wish for your child to purchase a set of QUIX STIX at this low price, send the $14.95 to school with your child by (date). Money will be collected by the classroom teachers and the QUIX STIX will be delivered to your child on (date). Purchases are limited to one (2) sets per child.

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