Quix Stix Partner Program


A Quix Stix Program For Quix Stix Partners

Proposed by: Quix Stix

To: Prospective Partners

From: Michael Donohue

Re: Quix Stix Program

"A picture is worth a thousand words" and the attached picture and the events that surrounded the Quix Stix being played with at a local Parks and Rec Center speak for themselves. Kids lined up 20 deep and waited up to an hour or more just to play with the Quix Stix. Over the coming weeks kids kept playing with the Quix Stix and kept improving their skills.

We know from first hand exposure that Quix Stix is a challenging hand eye coordination game that develops gross motor skills in any one who plays with them. We also know that Quix Stix can be played alone or with a friend, indoors or out. Because Quix Stix has over 14 progressive trix kids can grow and feel a sense of accomplishment as they master them. We know that Quix Stix are the perfect antidote for kids stuck behind computers and video game consoles who are doing little to get any exercise or improve their gross motor skills. Finally we recognized that Quix Stix are virtually unbreakable and therefore a perfect fit for any School program and child.

We have a win - win program for kids and athletes anywhere and we need associates to tell our story. If you are athletic, have good hand eye coordination and are an extrovert who likes people then becoming a Quix Stix partner is something that you may just flip over.

We need partners to run our school and parks and recreation programs and promote Quix Stix to professional and amateur athletes. We need partners to promote Quix Stix into new markets like physical therapy. Most of all we want partners to share handsomely in the revenues you generate in your region.

Check out our School and Parks and Recreation Programs and envison yourself making $5.00 on every Quix Stix sold in those environments. When 3 out of 5 kids buy a Quix Stix in any grade school who undertakes the program it's easy to see how you can earn a good living while working only a few days a week.

Few other jobs offer the hands on satisfaction that Quix Stix does and if you like kids and seeing kids progress with their hand eye coordination becoming a Quix Stix partner could be the right Stix for you.

Call me, Mr. Quix Stix at 310-390-1161. Call collect if you need to and ask for Michael Donohue or email me at michaeldonohue@quixstix.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

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