With 16 progressively challenging Trix (and counting), Quix Stix is also a fun way to teach kids important GOAL SETTING SKILLS that will last a lifetime. Some of the most important positive benefits include:

  • GOAL SETTING SKILLS? How So?? – Quix Stix has 15 progressively harder tricks that provide a clear roadmap for building skills and with the achievement of each additional Trix – greater confidence. With ever-increasing difficulty, Quix Stix incorporates the fundamental principles of goal setting – establishing goals, making a plan to achieve the goals, execution and practice and ultimately goal attainment.
  • ENHANCED SELF-CONFIDENCE – nothing improves confidence than facing a difficult challenge, setting out to overcome that challenge and ultimately succeeding.
  • IMPROVED SELF-ESTEEM – positive self-esteem is not the result of merely being told we are special. It comes from developing tangible goals that are challenging-yet achievable, and working diligently to achieve those goals.

And best of all – your kids will not even realize they are acquiring life-changing skills that will positively impact their lives because they are having so much fun! Indoors or out – alone or with friends or family – Quix Stix will provide hours of enjoyment and a life filled with greater confidence and higher achievement.