Government and Corporate Anti-Obesity Program

Quix Stix The Antidote for Obesity

The Institute of Medicine has found that "more than nine million children over the age of six are considered obese and the rise in obesity rates can be seen across all economic and racial groups." "We call for action to be taken immediately, given the alarming rate at which the incidence of childhood obesity is growing in America" said Jeffrey Koplan of Emory University and chairman of the committee that chaired the report for congress and The Institute of Medicine.

Studies have found that the overweight problem has increased at an even more dramatic rate in children and adolescents than in adults, making childhood overweight a life long threat to many communities. Experts suggest that the most likely factor contributing to the current obesity epidemic is a continued decline in daily exercise that has not been met with a reduction in energy intake (calories).

Today only 29% of young people participate in at least 30 minutes of physical activity. Given the attraction to sedentary activities such as playing video games, watching TV, using the computer it is no wonder that Americas kids and adolescents are becoming fatter and fatter. Though the federal and state governments recognize the problem and have made recommendations to combat obesity ranging from healthier life styles and nutrition to vigorous physical exercise more can be done.

We at Quix Stix know that Quix Stix along with healthy nutrition can act as an Antidote to Obesity. "A picture is worth a thousand words" and the attached picture and the events that surrounded the Quix Stix being played with at a local park speak for themselves. Kids lined up 20 deep and waited up to an hour or more just to play with the Quix Stix. Over the coming weeks kids kept playing with the Quix Stix and kept improving their skills.

We know from first hand exposure that Quix Stix is a challenging hand eye coordination game that develops gross motor skills in any one who plays with them. We also know that Quix Stix can be played alone or with a friend, indoors or out. Because Quix Stix has over 14 progressive trix kids can grow with them and feel a sense of accomplishment as they master them. We know that Quix Stix are the perfect antidote for kids stuck behind computers and video game consoles who are doing little to get any exercise or improve their gross motor skills. Finally we recognized that Quix Stix are virtually unbreakable and therefore a perfect remedy for the effects of poor nutrition, sedentary habits and a lack of gross motor skills.

We believe that Quix Stix offers many state and federal agencies as well as companies a constructive vehicle to help combat obesity by giving kids, adolescents and even adults a fun game to play that will get kids six to sixty moving...

We have a host of programs that cover a variety of uses ranging from parks and rec programs to corporate sponsorships. See our Corporate Sponsorship Program, Parks and Recreations programs as well as School Programs fro examples.

Every Quix Stix comes with one animated flip book that teaches the first six trix, two Quix Stix Stixs that enable two handed play or playing catch, a baton and Quix Stix single sheet. Quix Stix are virtually unbreakable and can last years.

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