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Quix Stix is the action game
that challenges the coordination
of kids six to sixty. For indoors or out,
it is Quix Stix! Alone or with a friend it is Quix Stix! Lots of tricks to master or make up your own unique tricks. Improves the hand-eye coordination of anyone who plays with them, from children to professional athletes, Quix Stix is the fun way to make your hands really fast.

Includes: 1 "How-to Flip Books" to show
you all the right moves! Each Quix Stix set includes:

One Quix Stix baton

2 Quix Stix, 1 Quix Stix "How-to Flip Books", that teaches the first six Quix Stix tricks.

Play indoors or outdoors.

Alone or with a friend

Over 14 Quix Stix Trix to master, all of which are available on the website for free.

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